Weego 22S


Jump Starter

Weego 22S

Incredibly Compact & Affordable

Designed to be the most compact and affordable Weego in the line, Jump Starter 22s jump starts 5L gas and 2.5L diesel engines. It can literally start up to 95% of all cars and trucks on the road today. And it is so affordable because we stripped away the extras in our other models to provide a simple-to-use, emergency, jump-starting-only-option. You’ll never be stranded again. Who knew peace of mind could be so inexpensive?

Designed For Everyone From Moms To Mechanics

Weego 22s’s revolutionary, patented Smarty Clamps® ensure foolproof operation – even if you have never jumped before, you can’t make a mistake! The technology behind the Smarty Clamps® includes lights and sounds to walk you through a successful jump start every time. The clamps themselves have an innovative, extra-wide opening and jaws powered on both sides, ensuring the best connections possible. A tapered tip on each Weego 22s clamp makes connecting to motorcycle, ATV, and other powersports’ vehicles batteries super easy. Full safety protections are built-in, including: anti-spark, reverse polarity, connection detection, over-heat and power surge protections.

Ultra-Portable, Ergonomic Design

The ultra-portable, ergonomic design of Weego Jump Starter 22s is no bigger than many cellphones. Store it in your glovebox, in your motorcycle pannier, or in your boat’s storage locker so it’s at the ready without taking up any significant space. Sealed ports make Weego 22s perfect for marine, fishing, hunting, and trail-riding environments. Best of all, a minimal 2.5 hour charge gets you over a year of standy power!

Built To Last

Independent lab certifications and continuous testing ensures consistent, best-in-class quality; each Weego Jump Starter 22s includes a top-quality, UL-listed lithium-ion battery for reliability and performance. We have a saying at Weego: Good Batteries Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Batteries Aren’t Good. This has never been more true with lithium-ion batteries. Don’t be fooled by no-name brands who don’t independently test and verify their products. Our specs are real, not made up & with no governing agency that verifies specifications and performance, you need to choose a brand that delivers on its promises. Our products are guaranteed to work when it matters most and they are backed by a crazy long 18-month warranty and dedicated, in-house, USA-based customer support for your assurance.

Most Compact & Affordable – Designed To Just Jump Start – Jump Starts Up To 5L Gas & 2.5L Diesel Engines – USA Designed & Engineered

  • Weego 22s is our most affordable model because it is designed for only one purpose – Jump Starting. We stripped out all of the other features (charging and lighting) to give you the safest and simplest jump starter on the market at an incredibly affordable price
  • Weego 22s can jump start motorcycles, boats and 95% of cars & trucks on the road today – it can start up to 5L gas and 2.5L diesel engines
  • Revolutionary, patented Smarty Clamps® ensure foolproof operation
  • Automatic safety protections & a series of lights and sounds walk you through a worry-free jump
  • Designed with extra-wide openings & power on both sides to ensure the best connection possible
  • Unique, tapered tips ensure easier access to hard-to-reach battery terminals
  • Sealed ports for water, dust and dirt resistance
  • Staying power – 1000 charging cycles and over a year of standby power on a single charge

  • What’s in the “box”?

    Jump Starter 22s battery pack, Smarty Clamps®, micro USB charging cord, carrying bag, owner's manual & quick start guide. All packed in our super-fun Weego collectors' tin